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"I really appreciate your services and recently recommended you to a friend of ours. I plan to continue to use Akari next year and possibly during August. Stay in touch. I commend Diana- she is really good and especially effective with my son."
-A parent in Maryland
"Since signing up with AkariTutoring, my child's grade and confidence has improved dramatically. She's now more happy to go to the class and enjoy learning materials."
-Parent of Victoria, 3rd Grade, Chantilly, VA
"AkariTutoring has been a great help for me. Before I found them and got help from Alex, I was on the road to failing Math, now I am doing much better in class."
-Ben Arron, 9th Grade, Springfield, VA
"Before I started meeting with my tutor I was a disorganized mess. Soon after I started meeting with Justin, I started using a calendar that got my entire life organized, not just academics. When we do meet, I get help in the areas where I need it, whether it is a paper or studying for a test."
-Michael, College Student, Fairfax, VA
"You can email the tutors and ask for help, that's the cool part! A lot of websites you don't do that" -Tony Truong, 6th Grade, Falls Church, VA "I contacted Akari after my son started to have trouble with Geometry. Math is not my son's easiest subject but we both had hard with it together. This school year I knew that I wasn't going to struggle with it anymore. And, Boy! Am I happy that I found the Akaritutoring.com site! My son was making D's on his homework, classwork, and warm up assignments. He is now making A's and B's on each assignment because of the excellent tutor that I found with Akari. Kapil P. is very patient, and he listens to me in regard to my expectation for my son with math, but he also listens to my son and treats him respect. He is always on time, and willing to offer help in anyway that he can. I hope we can keep him until my son finish's high school and all through college. My son actually gets math now. The lightbulb is flashing brightly because of the great tutors with Akari." -A Parent, Fairfax, VA
When Tran first came to my house, we talked about why I wasn’t great at English. After the talk, Tran said he would find me a tutor that will mainly focus on my writing skills. I got the impression that I was going to get the “classic” tutor. By classic, I meant old, old-fashioned, cranky, and super critical. When the tutor finally came, he turned out to be REALLY different from what I expected. On the first session, we got to know each other. The tutor’s name is Mike S. We worked out a schedule and Mike gave me papers that had information about writing. Mike assigned me daily homework. The homework primarily consisted of writing a response to a list of prompts, on a daily basis. We also came up with our own “Laws of Writing” that helped improve my overall writing skills. Mike told me that every new response was better than the previous but that I should still strive to keep on improving. Mike also gave me a packet to work on that had questions related to the book Fahrenheit 451. Additionally, we went over grammar, steps of writing, and styles of writing. -Larry N., Freshman, Annandale, VA “I just wanted to let you know that, that the lady that I met with last night was absolute wonderful, she was lovely, and calm, kind, very patient just couldn’t have been nicer…. Thank you so much for your hard work and perseverance, and I really, really can’t thank you enough. We have a tutoring session set up for Thursday evening…. But I just wanted to tell you - instead of writing an email that she was really, really a shining star. So thank you, [all three of you] you probably will make the difference in my getting out of this class.” -A Statistics student, College Park, MD We have been working with AkariTutoring for my son's Advanced Biology help. The Tutor is very good and the customer support is excellent and their rates are competitive. I recommend them sincerely. -Parent, Ashburn, VA

Dear Tran and Tuan, we just got the results of our daughters tests and would like to share our joy with you and express our gratitude for your help. Our older daughter S. got an A grade for her Geometry Honors summer course and will skip to Algebra 2 Honors for her 9th Grade this incoming fall. Our younger daughter N. passed the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (and the Math 7 SOL) and will be placed in Algebra 1 Honors in 7th grade. Thank you again! -Parent, Fairfax, VA
Hi Tran, I just wanted to let you know that Julia has helped M. tremendously and she has improved. She was getting a C- to D+ and just barely passing her tests to now with a B and B+. She has done so well and I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude and thanks for Julia for working so well with M. I think that her SOL should be good and passing should not be an issue as it was in the past. Thank you for your service. I'm sure that M will enjoy working with Julia these last few weeks and look forward to working with her and your company for the 2013-2014 school year. -Mrs. Gordon, VA Excellent tutor for all the subjects! My two children enjoyed working with Madaleine. Thank you again! -Parent, Fairfax, VA Subject: Physics
Did my tutor arrive in a timely manner? Check
Was my tutor knowledgeable on the subject? Check
Was my tutor respectful and professional? Check
Would you use this tutor again? Check
Overall Experience: Extremely Satisfied
More comments: Katie is an excellent tutor. Her tutoring style made my son love physics lab.” -Mrs. Ibrahim, VA
Dear Tran and Natalie, We just wanted to let you both know that our daughter N received an A grade for her summer Geometry class and "passed advance" her SOL. We would like to thank our tutor Natalie for all her hard work and patience with both of our daughters this summer! Natalie was not only an invaluable tutor, she was also a role model for our daughters! Best wishes for your own future, Natalie!
H.V. (Fairfax, VA)
Hi Henry. I hope you had a good summer. Kids are ready to start a new year with your great support.
You should know that G. passed her algebra HSA at the proficient level!! Thank you and your staff for your help.
For this year we would need your services again for G. in Geometry A. Hopefully you'll find someone energetic and very knowledgable to begin the soonest.
Mrs. D.P., Silver Spring, MD
Hi Tran, Jamaad is great! My two boys seemed to have connected with her and found her super smart and easy to work with. Her Geometry skill is profound, and her teaching is very effective! So thank you very much for finding someone who fit our needs. Many thanks!
Mrs. Chan, Ashburn, VA
Akari Tutoring has been instrumental in helping our son excel in math and science at the advanced high school level. Specifically, Lynn and Phuoc have both made a lasting impression on our son and have given him the ability to continue to soar to great heights on an academic as well as personal level. We cannot say enough how pleased we all are with the level of dedication and true caring that everyone at Akari has consistently demonstrated. I don’t even want to think about where we would be without them!
Mrs. Williams, Fairfax, VA
First and foremost, we would like to thank you very much in offering a great service and giving our son, Sean, a great, great teacher. My son enjoys the tutoring and is learning a lot. Ms Gwen is very dedicated, nice, knowledgeable and so friendly. Sean gets along with Ms Gwen great. She goes out of her way, prepares for teaching at home, to make sure my son understands the materials and I appreciates that very much. Mrs. Nguyen, Annandale, VA Dear Tran, you guys are amazing! My son initially struggled with (TJ) Computer Science. I can't believe just within weeks he was able to progress so well that he has a 94 on his first quarter. It's unbelievable! Thank you so much for all the notes that you guys compiled, and all the programming problems that John worked out with him. It helped Alex tremendously. Mrs. Wilkins, Alexandria, VA I contacted Akari after my daughter started to have trouble in computer science in her 9th grade class at Thomas Jefferson high school. Mr. Pham then became her personal teacher in person and through skype. Within a matter of few weeks she was able to pull her grade from a B to an A with a 96 average for the quarter. We are very grateful for his excellent teaching. I strongly recommend Akari tutoring to any students and any parents who need help for their children. With much appreciation. Dr. Le, McLean, VA
Gwen is a wonderful teacher. She is very responsible, always on time, nice, respectful, friendly and open. She often takes time at home on her own time to research topics to teach. She really goes beyond the call of duty. She has the love for teaching and does a great job with it. We enjoy Gwen greatly.
Michelle Le
Thank you for your amazing services and especially tutor Sakina for being so helpful and kind. Sakina's way of teaching and explaining materials helped my child so much in math. Ever since she has started tutoring all three of my children, their grades have gradually improved and their test scores have increased. She prepared my child for the Iowa test for only a couple of months in the summer, and it resulted in her scoring a 99% on the test, having the top score in her school. Kim, VA
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